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The latest Swift 4.2 Algorithms Book is now shipping! 

The New Swift 4.0 Book!

The New Swift 4.0 Book!

October 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce the availability of Swift Algorithms & Data Structures for Swift 4.0! This update has provided an opportunity to refine many areas presented in the book. As a result, many algorithms have been revised to meet this new standard. An overall effort has also been made to improve code interoperability and provide more support for optionals, generics, protocols and other Swift API Design Guidelines. Notable additions include:


  • New content on code memoization and dynamic programming
  • New non-recursive binary search tree algorithm (BST)
  • New protocol-oriented hash table algorithm
  • New contains() method for BST’s
  • New generic min/max heap algorithm
  • New generic Stack algorithm
  • New subscript syntax for trie and linked list algorithms
  • Code updates to support Array.swapAt()
  • Limited use of implicit unwrapped optionals (IUO’s)



The digital books have also been enhanced with a new in-line Glossary. Readers can find topics on additional subjects related to Swift and software development. For those preparing for their next technical interview, the Appendix includes additional essays that provide interviewing tips and suggestions. 

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