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FAQ - Swift Book Questions - (Swift 4.0)

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Q: Does your book support the latest Swift 4.2?
A: The current book supports Swift 4.0. However, we are preparing to release a new Swift 4.2 book this fall. Folks can reserve their copy by pre-ordering.  


Q: I already own a copy of your 3rd edition book. What will be different in the next edition? 
A: For our next book, the goal will be more content. Fabulous new trends have emerged in the realm of algorithms and data structures in the past year. As a result, we'll be expanding the book with new computer science and interview preparation subjects based on our practical Swift-centric approach.  


Q: Will your 4th edition book receive an update when Apple eventually releases Swift 5.0?
A: Yes. As many developers are aware, Apple is planning to release a significant language update sometime in early 2019. Those who own a copy of the upcoming 4th edition book at the time Swift 5.0 is published will receive a free upgrade. 


Q: I have a copy of the 3rd edition and would like the latest version. Will I be getting this as a free download?
A. No. However, readers of all previous books are entitled to a 50% discount. Just contact us for details.


Q: Can I pre-order a copy of the upcoming Swift 4.2 printed book?
A. Not at this time. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter for new announcements. 


Q: I'm considering signing up for the iOS Interview Program. Would I qualify for a free copy of your next book?
A. Yes. Anyone enrolled in the iOS Interview Program is entitled to free access to all our digital products. This includes our upcoming Swift 4.2 book as well as pre-recorded webinars, whitepapers and code samples.


Q: How can I obtain your latest Swift 4.0 source code?
A. Source code for the new book is now available in Xcode 9.0 Playground format. Provided as a single download bundle, the code contains over 60 unit tests that cover book topics such as Big O Notation, Linked Lists, Binary Search Trees, Hash Tables, Graphs, Recursion, Stacks and Queues. Readers can obtain the source as part of their book purchase or as an individual download.


Q: Is the book available for iBooks, Kindle or Android?
A: The 3rd edition is available in EPUB and PDF format. Designed by Apple, iBooks is fully compatible with the EPUB specification and optimized for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. In addition to EPUB content, iBooks also supports viewing PDF documents. Android and Kindle Fire users can enjoy the book using the free Adobe Acrobat app or a compatible EPUB reader.


Q: Will there be future updates to the 3rd edition?
A: Not at this time.


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