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FAQ - iOS Interview Questions

Swift Book | iOS Interview Program

Q: I normally get the chance to interview, but never seem to make it to the final round(s). 
A: The goal of the program is to provide feedback and suggestions to help you get to the next level. For some, this could mean getting additional practice with algorithms or various aspects of iOS. For others, this could include solving new or difficult questions under time constraints.

Q: What's the reasoning for having two (2) mock interviews? How does this process work?
A: Your first session is an introductory meeting where you will be asked a series of high-level technical questions. The second interview will focus on more detailed questions with you writing answers on a virtual whiteboard.

Q: Is this just a series of pre-recorded webinars?
A: No. The entire program is based on 1-1 personalized feedback. All interviews are live and direct interactions. Also, any code you complete gets individually reviewed for style, correctness and efficiency.


Q: Will I be required to attend specific online classes?
A: No. Scheduling for your interviews is set by you and can be adjusted as needed. For your weekly code challenges, it's not required that you complete these within a specified timeframe. However, doing so will allow you to collaborate and share ideas with other developers.


Q: How does the resume review process work?
A: Students who register for the 8-week program will also receive a complimentary resume review. Organized as an additional 30-minute session, we'll discuss your work objectives and determine ways to enhance your resume or online presence to attract hiring managers.


Q: Will you be rewriting my resume?
A: No. However, you will receive a customized report suggesting ways to increase your resume effectiveness.


Q: How complex are the code challenges? Where are these submitted and how will I obtain feedback?
A: Included in the program are weekly code challenges designed to test areas often addressed in real interviews. These include algorithms, data structures, design patterns and coding syntax. Answers to questions are saved to a content management system exclusive to program participants. To get an idea of the types of questions you'll be asked, check out the iOS Interview Worksheet

Q: Are the code challenges timed?

A: Code challenges aren't timed but are designed to supplement your learning while enrolled in the program. As a result, your access to the code challenge portal will expire the last day of your 4 or 8-week program.


Q: Will I be writing code examples in the latest Swift 5.0 syntax?
A: While we may discuss upcoming Swift 4.2 features, all code samples will can be provided in Swift 4.0 format. 

Q: What happens if I can't answer an interview question or code challenge? Are the assignments graded?
A: If you are unable to complete part of a coding question, that is ok! The real goal is to measure your level of preparedness for an actual interview. If this means just asking clarifying questions or writing a solution in pseudocode, that is acceptable and is encouraged. 

Q: If I am stuck on a problem or have questions? 
A: The majority of questions asked will focus on concepts presented in my book, webinars, previous projects or published code examples. In the case folks are struggling with specific ideas, I'll be able to provide them with coded solutions or additional resources they can use for further research. When necessary, I'll also coordinate follow-up meetings with students via Skype or online chat.

Q: Will I be presenting my work to other students?
A: No. Certain aspects of the program will be open to group collaboration, but you will not be required to present code to others.

Q: What about your upcoming Swift 4.2 book?
A: Certainly! Upon registration, participants immediately receive free access to all my digital products including my upcoming Swift 4.2 book, source code and over 60 unit tests


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