The iOS Interview Program

 Are you a iOS developer preparing for your next technical interview? With an average duration of 3-6 hours, "getting through" requires a combination of coding expertise, knowledge of software development processes and keeping calm under pressure. To provide engineers with an edge for landing their next position, I also provide personalized 1-1 iOS interview coaching


How It Works

The program works as a customized interview preparation service for iOS developers. Over a 4-week duration, 20 students work to complete two mock interviews and weekly code challenges designed to exercise their knowledge of algorithms, data structures, design patterns and the latest Swift syntax.


Why It's Effective

Instead of searching for random questions online written in Java or C++, coaching is conducted in a supportive iOS-specific environment. As a client, you’ll receive verbal or written feedback on your interview style and coding challenges. You’ll also get the chance to learn from other developers and will get free access to the anticipated Swift 4.0 Algorithms Book.

Who It's For

Those new to iOS can use the program to assess their skills and receive feedback in preparation for that first interview. For those with more experience, the service can be used to "check-in" with another engineer to confirm their learning path.


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