iOS Interview Program


Are you an iOS developer preparing for your next technical interview? With an average duration of 3-6 hours, "getting through" requires a combination of coding expertise, knowledge of software development processes and keeping calm under pressure. To provide engineers with an edge for landing their next position, I also offer personalized 1-1 iOS interview coaching.



How it works

The unique program works as a customized interview preparation service for iOS developers. Over a 4-week duration, students participate in live mock interviews and weekly code challenges designed to exercise their knowledge of algorithms, data structures, design patterns and the latest Swift 4.0 syntax.

The program is organized around flexibility. There is no deadline for completing code assignments and you schedule your mock technical interviews. Overall, the program works by supporting you when and where it is needed. Successful students work through many aspects computer science from an iOS development perspective.

Students & Resources

Once registered, all published resources (e.g., books, videos, code samples) are provided to you at no additional cost. To stay in contact, you'll also receive exclusive access to my private Slack group. There, you can post questions, discuss code challenges and collaborate with other developers. Started in 2017, students have used the iOS Interview Program to plan for their first technical interview as well as to prepare for meetings at top companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. 


Next Steps

To learn more, register for the next session, read the frequently asked questions or schedule a free 30-minute consultation meeting!


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What People are Saying

"..I very much enjoyed the mock interview process. The interviews were full of immediate feedback for where I needed to develop my capacity further to reach success in interviewing for iOS Development jobs. I also appreciated the continued focus on a wide spread of skills in the weekly sets of challenges. Some challenges I felt immediately ready and able for, and others I knew the daunting feeling as an indicator of where I could grow..”

“..The program helped my overall confidence. I gain other hard skills, but confidence was the biggest gain. Real-time feedback, can't be substituted in my opinion. It's been a great evaluator for me, and I'm sure will help others as well..”

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