The Project – Wayne W Bishop

Wayne W Bishop

A practical guide to concepts, theory and code.

The Project

 Swift Algorithms & Data Structures is based on a series of code snippets originally written in Objective-C. The goal was to practice common programming techniques for technical interviews. At the time, we considered expanding the project to other languages such as Java and Python. However, when Swift was introduced, it provided the perfect blend of concise syntax and modern language features. 



The book is currently available in 2 editions, including in print, EPUB and PDF formats. Soon, we hope to extend the publication to other mainstream resellers and Kindle format. We are also interested in partnering with schools and libraries.


Source Code & Github

Code for the books can obtained in Xcode Playground format as well through Github. In the spirit of collaborative effort, we welcome ongoing feedback and contribution from others. The source code and unit tests are optimized for Swift 3.0. 


The Author

Wayne Bishop resides in Seattle, Washington, and is a Software Engineer and Project Manager. As an experienced technology professional he's developed apps for education, social media and the visual arts. His strengths include planning solutions, coding applications, technical writing and communicating with stakeholders. This is Wayne's first book. He likes to swim, run, bike and spend time with family. Feel free to contact Wayne on Twitter at @waynewbishop.